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Jawapan anda telah di hantar kepada kami
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Exercise 1

A     Hello. Whats your name?
B     Suzanne. Whats your name?
A     My names John. Where are you from, Suzanne?
B     Im from Paris.
       Where are you from, John?
A     Im from London.
C     Hello. My names Rosie.
       Im a student.

Exercise 2

B     Im from Greece.
C     Im from Russia
D     Im from Egypt.
E     Im from Japan
F     Im from Mexico.

Exercise 3

B     Im a teacher.
C     Im a travel agent.
D     Im a nurse.
E     Im a student.
F     Im a shop assistant.

Exercise  4

A     Shes Alice Cookson.
B     Shes from the United States.
C     Shes a hairdresser.
D     Shes thirty.
E     Theyre Ann and Tess Hunter.
F     Theyre from Scotland.
G     Theyre students.
H     Theyre twenty-one.

Exercise 5

A     What is your name?
B     My name is Peter.
C     She is married.
D     They are from Italy.
E     I am nineteen.
F     He is a doctor.
G     You are French.
H     Were students.

Possessive adjectives

Exercise 6
A  My
B your
C your
D my

Exercise 7

A her
B His
C His
D  Her

Vocabulary and pronunciation.

Exercise 8

Country                                      Nationality

England                                   English
Germany                                 German
Italy                                        Italian
Japan                                      Japanese
Brazil                                      Brazilian
Spain                                       Spanish
Scotland                                  Scottish
France                                      French
The United States                    American
Wales                                      Welsh
Switzerland                              Swiss
China                                       Chinese
Mexico                                     Mexican

A or AN ?

Exercise 9

C     an ice-cream
D     a banana
E     a bicycle
F     an egg
G     an umbrella
H     a key
I      a train
J     an office
K     a pen
L     a camera

Exercise 10

A      Champagne is a French drink.
B      A  Rolex is a Swiss watch.
C      Oxford is an English university.
D      English is an international language.
E      Milan is an Italian city.
F      A Mercedes is a German car.
G      A Pentax is a Japanese camera.