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Jawapan yang Betul ialah


Exercise 1

A     Hello. Whats your name?
B     Suzanne. Whats your name?
A     My names John. Where are you from, Suzanne?
B     Im from Paris.
       Where are you from, John?
A     Im from London.
C     Hello. My names Rosie.
       Im a student.

Exercise 2

B     Im from Greece.
C     Im from Russia
D     Im from Egypt.
E     Im from Japan
F     Im from Mexico.

Exercise 3

B     Im a teacher.
C     Im a travel agent.
D     Im a nurse.
E     Im a student.
F     Im a shop assistant.

Exercise  4

A     Shes Alice Cookson.
B     Shes from the United States.
C     Shes a hairdresser.
D     Shes thirty.
E     Theyre Ann and Tess Hunter.
F     Theyre from Scotland.
G     Theyre students.
H     Theyre twenty-one.

Exercise 5

A     What is your name?
B     My name is Peter.
C     She is married.
D     They are from Italy.
E     I am nineteen.
F     He is a doctor.
G     You are French.
H     Were students.


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