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English Communication


We use   possessive pronouns and  adjectives  to show that something belongs to somebody.

We use  possessive pronouns  without a noun:

  1.     When the noun is understood:
          Is this Linaís book?
          No, itís mine. (= my book)

  2.     When making comparisons :
          Our car is bigger than yours.

We use possessive adjectives before nouns to say who is the possessor of the noun.
Possessive adjectives do not change in form.  The noun after them can be plural,
singluar, masculine,feminine,etc.

My book 
my books
our child
our children
.  His friends   her bother/ sister/ house,etc. .


  Possessive adjectives   Possessive pronouns
 My house  mine
Your shoes  yours
His keys his
Her hat hers
Our car ours
Their bicycles theirs
Its roof  its

Its is a possessive adjective. Itís is a contraction (short form). Itís = It is.


Buku Rujukan:-
1. Headway Elementary workbook (Liz & John Soars)
2.Common Errors For SPM English ( Annie Lee)

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